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    Tours in Tel Aviv with "Pninat Ha'Aretz", guided tours, special tours and other stories

     Tour, trip, successful consolidation depends on 90% of the guide and another 10% in the restaurant

    A good guide is that on the one hand he has the acquired knowledge and on the other knows how to transfer it and in what dosage

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    Tours in Tel Aviv

    Experience tours throughout Tel Aviv, Jaffa Tel Aviv A non-stop city offering a wide variety of possibilities, opportunities to travel and see, for groups that love knowledge and content. I offer tours that combine history, architecture and landscape.

    Tours in Jerusalem

    Tours in Jerusalem Discover the places, people and communities that you did not know in Jerusalem from tours of Jerusalem’s picturesque neighborhoods such as Talbieh, Rehavia and Ein Karem. Or tours following women on Haneviim Street, Haredi society and Herzl’s travels in Jerusalem.

    Market Tours

    If you are looking for a food and culinary tour in Tel Aviv, go out and experience the flavors of the Carmel Market, the colors of the Levinsky Market, the secrets of Old Jaffa, and the magic of the flea market and other culinary tours throughout the country.

    Sightseeing tours

    Experience tours throughout Tel Aviv, Jaffa and Jerusalem. The tours are combined with play and music segments, historical tours seasoned with entertaining theatrical plays, adapted for families, groups of hikers and social trips.

    Holiday tours

    These tours are tour types, which groups enjoy repeating or alternatively groups looking for a special tour. The holiday tours are thematic and feature a beautiful period in our Hebrew calendar year.

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